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Founded in 2014 in London, Coinhouse Trade Limited opened its doors to the public as a cryptocurrency investment company, offering one of the most comprehensive opportunities for Bitcoin enthusiasts to invest in the future of the world's most famous cryptocurrency. Initially founded by a group of enterprising Bitcoin aficionados, Coinhouse Trade Limited has a staff that includes industry professionals in engineering, advanced computational technology, and cryptocurrency mining techniques.

Only then you will get a good insight in our approach en our projects. Coinhouse Trade Limited is continuously searching for opportunities in the area of Forex and real estate. We have a wide scope: from camping sites at the coast to the alternative rent concept and from revitalization of existing projects/objects to new financing concepts

Outside forex and real estate we also busy with initiatives in the area of: monumental redevelopment - area developments at the coast - sustainable building concepts - innovative ICT solutions - E-currency exchange like bitcion to bank and the other way around. We found it important since our foundation to go online so that everyone can be our partner and can create a good and high element. Because of this the site is established and is online from the 19th of June 2016 for the bigger public.

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